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MatchDateCricketwebsMatch Results
Tshwane Spartans vs Cape Town Blitz01-Dec-18Cape Town BlitzCape Town Blitz
Perth Scorchers Women vs Hobart Hurricanes Women01-Dec-18Perth ScorchersPerth Scorchers
Melbourne Stars Women vs Sydney Sixers Women01-Dec-18Melbourne StarsMelbourne Stars
Pakhtoons vs Northern Warriors01-Dec-18Northern WarriorsPakhtoons
Maratha Arabians vs Bengal Tigers 01-Dec-18Maratha ArabiansMaratha Arabians
Adelaide Striker Women vs Brisbane Heat Women02-Dec-18Adelaide StrikersAdelaide Strikers
Melbourne Renegades Women vs Sydney Thunder Women02-Dec-18Sydney ThundersSydney Thunders
Paarl Rocks vs Durban Heat 02-Dec-18Paarl RocksPaarl Rocks
Nelson Mandela Bay Giants vs Jozy Stars02-Dec-18Nelson MandelaJozy Stars
Maratha Arabians vs Bengal Tigers 02-Dec-18Bengal TigersBengal Tigers
Pakhtoons vs Northern Warriors02-Dec-18Northern WarriorsNorthern Warriors
Cape Town Blitz vs Jozy Stars04-Dec-18Cape Town BlitzJozy Stars
Tshwane Spartans vs Paarl Rocks05-Dec-18Tshwane SpartansTshwane Spartans
Durban Heat vs Nelson Mandela Bay Giants05-Dec-18Nelson MandelaNo Result
India vs Australia06-Dec-18India Or DrawIndia
Durban Heat vs Jozy Stars07-Dec-18Jozy StarsJozy Star
Cape Town Blitz vs Paarl Rocks07-Dec-18Paarl RocksCape Town Blitz
Sydney Sixers Women vs Perth Scorchers Women07-Dec-18Perth ScorchersSydney Sixers
Nelson Mandela Bay Giants vs Tshwane Spartans08-Dec-18Tshwane SpartansTshwane Spartans
Hobart Hurricane Women vs Melbourne Stars Women08-Dec-18Melbourne StarsMelbourne Stars
Melbourne Renegades Women vs Adelaide Strikers Women08-Dec-18Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne Renegades
Brisbane Heat Women vs Perth Scorchers Women08-Dec-18Brisbane HeatBrisbane Heat
Sydney Sixers Women vs Sydney Thunders Women08-Dec-18Sydney ThundersSydney Sixers
Jozy Stars vs Paarl Rocks09-Dec-18Paarl RocksPaarl Rocks
Cape Town Blitz vs Durban Heat09-Dec-18Durban HeatDurban Heat
Hobart Hurricanes Women vs Melbourne Stars Women09-Dec-18Melbourne StarsHobart Hurricanes
Adelaide Strikers Women vs Melbourne Renegades Women09-Dec-18Adelaide StrikersNo Result
Sydney Thunder Women vs Brisbane Heat Women09-Dec-18Sydney ThundersSydney Thunder
Bangladesh vs West Indies09-Dec-18West IndiesBangladesh
Jozy Stars vs Tshwane Spartans11-Dec-18Jozy StarsJozy Stars
Bangladesh vs West Indies11-Dec-18West IndiesWest Indies
Paarl Rocks vs Nelson Mandela Bay Giants12-Dec-18Paarl RocksPaarl Rocks
Tshwane Spartans vs Durban Heat12-Dec-18Durban HeatDurban Heat
India vs Australia14-Dec-18IndiaAustralia
Bangladesh vs West Indies14-Dec-18BangladeshBangladesh
Jozy Stars vs Paarl Rocks14-Dec-18Paarl RocksNo Result
New Zealand vs Sri Lanka15-Dec-18New ZealandNo Result
Melbourne Stars Women vs Perth Scorchers Women15-Dec-18Perth ScorchersPerth Scorchers
Adelaide Strikers Women vs Sydney Thunders Women15-Dec-18Sydney ThundersSydney Thunders
Hobart Hurricanes Women vs Sydney Sixers Women15-Dec-18Sydney SixersSydney Sixers
Cape Town Blitz vs Jozy Stars16-Dec-18Jozy StarsJozy Stars
Melbourne Stars Women vs Perth Scorchers Women16-Dec-18Perth ScorchersMelbourne Stars
Sydney Thunders Women vs Adelaide Strikers Women16-Dec-18Adelaide StrikersSydney Thunders
Sydney Sixers Women vs Hobart Hurricanes Women16-Dec-18Sydney SixersSydney Sixers
Melbourne Renegades Women vs Brisbane Heat Women16-Dec-18Brisbane HeatBrisbane Heat
Bangladesh vs West Indies17-Dec-18West IndiesWest Indies
Hobart Hurricanes Women vs Perth Scorchers Women18-Dec-18Perth ScorchersPerth Scorchers
Brisbane Heat Women vs Melbourne Stars Women19-Dec-18Melbourne StarsBrisbane Heat
Brisbane Heat vs Adelaide Strikers19-Dec-18Brisbane HeatAdelaide Strikers
Bangladesh vs West Indies20-Dec-18BangladeshBangladesh
Melbourne Renegades vs Perth Scorchers20-Dec-18Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne Renegades
Sydney Thunders vs Melbourne Stars21-Dec-18Melbourne StarsSydney Thunders
Sydney Thunders women vs Hobart Hurricanes Women21-Dec-18Sydney ThundersSydney Thunders
Melbourne Stars Women vs Adelaide Strikers Women21-Dec-18Adelaide StrikersMelbourne Stars
Bangladesh vs West Indies22-Dec-18West IndiesWest Indies
Sydney Sixers vs Perth Scorchers22-Dec-18Perth ScorchersSydney Sixers
Brisbane Heat vs Hobart Hurricanes22-Dec-18Hobart HurricanesHobart Hurricanes
Sydney Sixers Women vs Brisbane Heat Women22-Dec-18Brisbane HeatSydney Sixers
Perth Scorchers Women vs Melbourne Renegades Women22-Dec-18Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne Renegades
Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne Renegades23-Dec-18Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne Renegades
Adelaide Strikers Women vs Melbourne Stars Women23-Dec-18Adelaide StrikersAdelaide Strikers
Sydney Sixers Women vs Brisbane Heat Women23-Dec-18Sydney SixersBrisbane Heat
Perth Scorchers Women vs Melbourne Renegades Women23-Dec-18Perth ScorchersPerth Scorchers
Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne Stars24-Dec-18Hobart HurricanesHobart Hurricanes
Sydney Thunders vs Sydney Sixers 24-Dec-18Sydney SixersSydney Thunders
Sydney Thunders women vs Hobart Hurricanes Women24-Dec-18Sydney ThundersSydney Thunders
New Zealand vs Sri Lanka26-Dec-18New ZealandNew Zealand
India vs Australia26-Dec-18IndiaIndia
South Africa vs Pakistan26-Dec-18South AfricaSouth Africa
Perth Scorchers Women vs Brisbane Heat Women26-Dec-18Perth ScorchersBrisbane Heat
Perth Scorchers vs Adelaide Strikers26-Dec-18Perth ScorchersPerth Scorchers
Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne Stars27-Dec-18Melbourne StarsMelbourne Stars
Sydney Sixers Women vs Melbourne Renegades Women27-Dec-18Sydney SixersSydney Sixers
Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney Thunders28-Dec-18Sydney ThundersHobart Hurricanes
Sydney Sixers Women vs Adelaide Strikers Women28-Dec-18Sydney SixersSydney Sixers
Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney Sixers29-Dec-18Melbourne RenegadesSydney Sixers
Perth Scorchers Women vs Sydney Thunders Women29-Dec-18Perth ScorchersPerth Scorchers
Melbourne Renegades Women vs Melbourne Stars Women29-Dec-18Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne Renegades
Hobart Hurricanes vs Perth Scorchers30-Dec-18Perth ScorchersHobart Hurricanes
Perth Scorchers Women vs Sydney Thunders Women30-Dec-18Sydney ThundersPerth Scorches
Hobart Hurricanes Women vs Brisbane Heat Women30-Dec-18Brisbane HeatHobart Hurricanes
Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney Thunders31-Dec-18Adelaide StrikersAdelaide  Strikers
Hobart Hurricanes Women vs Brisbane Heat Women31-Dec-18Brisbane HeatBrisbane Heat
Adelaide Strikers Women vs Sydney Sixers Women31-Dec-18Sydney SixersSydney Sixers

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