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Big Bash League Prediction


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MatchDateCricketwebsMatch Results
India vs West Indies01-Nov-18IndiaIndia
Pakistan vs New Zealand02-Nov-18PakistanPakistan
Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe03-Nov-18BangladeshZimbabwe
Australia vs South Africa04-Nov-18South AfricaSouth Africa
India vs West Indies04-Nov-18IndiaIndia
Pakistan vs New Zealand04-Nov-18PakistanPakistan
England vs Sri Lanka06-Nov-18Sri Lanka or DrawEngland
India vs West Indies06-Nov-18IndiaIndia
Pakistan vs New Zealand07-Nov-18New ZealandNew Zealand
Australia vs South Africa09-Nov-18AustraliaAustralia
Pakistan vs New Zealand09-Nov-18PakistanPakistan
New Zealand Women vs India Women09-Nov-18IndiaIndia
Australia Women vs Pakistan Women09-Nov-18AustraliaAustralia
Windies Women vs Bangladesh Women09-Nov-18WindiesWindies
England Women vs Sri Lanka Women10-Nov-18EnglandNo Result
India vs West Indies11-Nov-18IndiaIndia
Australia vs South Africa11-Nov-18AustraliaSouth Africa
Pakistan vs New Zealand11-Nov-18PakistanNo Result
India Women vs Pakistan Women11-Nov-18IndiaIndia
Australia Women vs Ireland Women11-Nov-18AustraliaAustralia
England Women vs Bangladesh Women12-Nov-18EnglandEngland
Sri Lanka Women vs South Africa Women12-Nov-18South AfricaSouth Africa
Pakistan Women vs Ireland Women13-Nov-18PakistanPakistan
Australia Women vs New Zealand13-Nov-18New ZealandAustralia
Sri Lanka Women vs Bangladesh Women14-Nov-18Sri LankaSri Lanka
West Indies Women vs South Africa Women14-Nov-18West IndiesWest Indies
India Women vs Ireland Women15-Nov-18IndiaIndia
New Zealand Women vs Pakistan Women15-Nov-18New ZealandNew Zealand
England Women vs South Africa Women16-Nov-18EnglandEngland
Windies Women vs Sri Lanka Women16-Nov-18WindiesWindies
Cape Town Blitz vs Tshwane Spartans16-Nov-18Cape Town BlitzCape Town Blitz
Australia vs South Africa17-Nov-18AustraliaSouth Africa
India Women vs Australia Women17-Nov-18IndiaIndia
New Zealand vs Ireland Women17-Nov-18New ZealandNew Zealand
Jozi Stars vs Nelson Mandela Bay Giants17-Nov-18Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela
Windies Women vs England Women18-Nov-18EnglandWindies
South Africa Women vs Bangladesh Women18-Nov-18South AfricaSouth Africa
Durban Heat vs Cape Town Blitz18-Nov-18Durban HeatCape Town Blitz
Paarl Rocks vs Tshwane Spartans18-Nov-18Tshwane SpartansTshwane Spartans
Paarl Rocks vs Jozi Stars20-Nov-18Jozi StarsJozi Stars
India vs Australia21-Nov-18IndiaAustralia
Sindhis vs Rajputs21-Nov-18RajputsRajputs
Kerala Knights vs Pakhtoons21-Nov-18Kerala KnightsKerala Knights
Durban Heat vs Tshwane Spartans21-Nov-18Tshwane SpartansDurban Heats
Cape Town Blitz vs Nelson Mandela Bay Giants21-Nov-18Cape Town BlitzCape Town Blitz
Australia Women vs Windies Women22-Nov-18WindiesAustralia
India Women vs England Women22-Nov-18IndiaNo Result
Bengal Tigers vs Northern Warriors22-Nov-18Northern WarriorsBengal Tigers
Sindhis vs Kerala Knights22-Nov-18SindhisSindhis
Maratha Arabians vs Punjabi Legends22-Nov-18Punjabi LegendsPunjabi Legends
Rajput vs Pakhtoons23-Nov-18RajputsPakhtoons
Bengali Tigers vs Maratha Arabians23-Nov-18Maratha ArabiansMaratha Arabians
Durban Heat vs Nelson Mandela Bay Giants23-Nov-18Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela
Northern Warriors vs Punjabi Legends23-Nov-18Punjabi LegendsNorthern Warriors
England Women vs Australia Women24-Nov-18AustraliaAustralia
Jozi Stars vs Cape Town Blitz24-Nov-18Cape Town BlitzCape Town Blitz
Sindhi vs Pakhtoons24-Nov-18SindhisPakhtoons
Bengal Tigers vs Punjabi Legends24-Nov-18Bengal TigersBengal Tigers
India vs Australia25-Nov-18IndiaIndia
Tshwane Spartans vs Nelson Mandela Bay Giants25-Nov-18Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela
Paarl Rocks vs Cape Town Blitz25-Nov-18Cape Town BlitzPaarl Rocks
Kerala Knights vs Rajputs25-Nov-18Kerala KnightsNo Result
Maratha Arabians vs Northern Warriors25-Nov-18Northern WarriorsNorthern Warriors
Pakhtoons vs Bengal Tigers26-Nov-18Bengal TigersPakhtoons
Kerala Knights vs Punjab Legends26-Nov-18Kerala KnightsPunjabi Legends
Nelson Mandela Bay Giants vs Cape Town Blitz27-Nov-18Cape Town BlitzNo Result
Rajputs vs Maratha Arabians27-Nov-18RajputsMaratha Arabians
Sindhis vs Northern Warriors27-Nov-18Northern WarriorsNorthern Warriors
Tshwane Spartans vs Jozi Stars28-Nov-18Tshwane SpartansTshwane Spartans
Durban Heat vs Paarl Rocks28-Nov-18Durban HeatPaarl Rocks
Rajputs vs Punjabi Legends28-Nov-18RajputsRajputs
Pakhtoons vs Maratha Arabians28-Nov-18PakhtoonsPakhtoons
Kerala Knights vs Northern Warriors29-Nov-18Northern WarriorsNorthern Warriors
Sindhis vs Bengal Tigers29-Nov-18Bengal TigersBengal Tigers
Pakhtoons vs Punjabi Legends29-Nov-18PakhtoonsPunjabi Legends
Nelson Mandela Bay Giants vs Paarl Rocks30-Nov-18Nelson MandelaNelson Mandela
Durban Heat vs Jozi Stars30-Nov-18Durban HeatJozi Stars
Kerala Knights vs Bengal Tigers30-Nov-18Bengal TigersKerala Knights
Rajputs vs Northern Warriors30-Nov-18Northern WarriorsNorthern Warriors
Sindhis vs Maratha Arabians30-Nov-18Maratha ArabiansMaratha Arabians


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