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MatchDateCricketwebsMatch Results
Western Australia vs Tasmania01-Oct-18Western AustraliaWestern Australia
New South Wales vs Queensland01-Oct-18QueenslandNew South Wales
South Australia vs Queensland03-Oct-18QueenslandQueensland
South Africa vs Zimbabwe03-Oct-18South AfricaSouth Africa
Victoria vs New South Wales04-Oct-18VictoriaMatch Abandoned
India vs West Indies04-Oct-18IndiaIndia
Kabul Zwanan vs Paktia Panthers05-Oct-18Paktia PanthersKabul Zwanan
Tasmania vs Queensland06-Oct-18TasmaniaTasmania
South Africa vs Zimbabwe06-Oct-18South AfricaSouth Africa
Kandahar Knights vs Nangarhar Leopards06-Oct-18Nangarhar LeopardsNangarhar Leopards
Balkh Legends vs Kabul Zwanan06-Oct-18Balkh LegendsBalkh Legends
Pakistan vs Australia07-Oct-18Pakistan Or DrawDraw
Western Australia vs Victoria07-Oct-18VictoriaVictoria
Nangarhar Leopards vs Paktia Panthers07-Oct-18Nangarhar LeopardsPaktia Panthers
Balkh Legends vs Kandahar Knights07-Oct-18Balkh LegendsBalkh Legends
Pakistan Women vs Bangladesh Women08-Oct-18Pakistan WomenBangladesh Women
South Africa vs Zimbabwe09-Oct-18South AfricaSouth Africa
Kabul Zwanan vs Nangarhar Leopards09-Oct-18Nangarhar LeopardsKabul Zwanan
Tasmania vs Victoria10-Oct-18TasmaniaVictoria
England vs Sri Lanka10-Oct-18EnglandAbondaned
Balkh Legends vs Paktia Panthers10-Oct-18Balkh LegendsPaktia Panthers
Kabul Zwanan vs Kandahar Knights11-Oct-18Kabul ZwananKabul Zwanan
Balkh Legends vs Nangarhar Leopards11-Oct-18Balkh LegendsBalkh Legends
South Africa vs Zimbabwe12-Oct-18South AfricaSouth Africa
India vs West Indies12-Oct-18IndiaIndia
Kandahar Knights vs Paktia Panthers12-Oct-18Paktia PanthersPaktia Panthers
Kabul Zwanan vs Nangarhar Leopards12-Oct-18Nangarhar LeopardsNangarhar Leopards
Sri Lanka vs England13-Oct-18EnglandEngland
Balkh Legends vs Paktia Panthers13-Oct-18Paktia PanthersBalkh Legends
Kandahar Knights vs Nangarhar Leopards13-Oct-18Nangarhar LeopardsKandahar Knights
South Africa vs Zimbabwe14-Oct-18South AfricaAbondaned
Nangarhar Leopards vs Paktia Panthers14-Oct-18Nangarhar LeopardsPaktia Panthers
Balkh Legends vs Kabul Zwanan14-Oct-18Kabul ZwananBalkh Legends
Australia vs Pakistan16-Oct-18Pakistan Or DrawPakistan
Kabul Zwanan vs Kandahar Knights16-Oct-18Kabul ZwananKabul Zwanan
England vs Sri Lanka17-Oct-18EnglandEngland
Balkh Legends vs Nangarhar Leopards17-Oct-18Balkh LegendsNangarhar Leopards
Kandahar Knights vs Paktia Panthers17-Oct-18Paktia PanthersKandahar Knights
Balkh Legends vs Kandahar Knights18-Oct-18Balkh LegendsBalkh Legends
Kabul Zwanan vs Paktia Panthers18-Oct-18Kabul ZwananPaktia Panthers
Balkh Legends vs Nangarhar Leopards19-Oct-18Balkh LegendsBalkh Legends
Mumbai vs Delhi20-Oct-18MumbaiMumbai
England vs Sri Lanka20-Oct-18EnglandEngland
Kabul Zwanan vs Paktia Panthers20-Oct-18Kabul ZwananKabul Zwanan
India vs West Indies21-Oct-18IndiaIndia
Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe21-Oct-18BangladeshBangladesh
Balkh Legends vs Kabul Zwanan21-Oct-18Kabul ZwananBalkh Legends
Australia vs United Arab Emirates22-Oct-18AustraliaAustralia
India A vs India B23-Oct-18India BIndia B
Sri Lanka vs England23-Oct-18EnglandSri Lanka
India vs West Indies24-Oct-18IndiaTie
India B vs India C24-Oct-18India CIndia B
Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe24-Oct-18BangladeshBangladesh
Pakistan vs Australia24-Oct-18PakistanPakistan
India A vs India C25-Oct-18India CIndia C
Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe26-Oct-18BangladeshBangladesh
Pakistan vs Australia26-Oct-18PakistanPakistan
India vs West Indies27-Oct-18IndiaWest Indies
Sri Lanka vs England27-Oct-18EnglandEngland
India B vs India C27-Oct-18India BInd C
Pakistan vs Australia28-Oct-18PakistanPakistan
India vs West Indies29-Oct-18IndiaIndia
Pakistan vs New Zealand31-Oct-18PakistanPakistan


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